Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Preparedness

Still tilted from the earthquake?

Well, what do I do
 when I am a bit freaked out
 by impending storms? 
Either hide away
and read a book
 (when on the boat)
 or cook something.

 Today I am cooking.
Cooking up a storm
you might say.

Roasted lemon chicken will sit well
I mean...
the power goes out.

Also great for sandwiches
 with a slice of avocado.

Just 'cause the world is coming to an end, doesn't mean you can't eat well!

Roasted rosemary potatoes are a great finger food, tasty at room temp. Also an easy potato soup can be made on the BBQ by adding a box of chicken stock and hey, maybe some of that chicken.
 ....speaking of chickens, 
having a dozen hard boiled eggs around
 is never a bad thing. 
Some salt and pepper and you have a snack that is high in protein and can fit in your pocket!

Some other preparations for the storm:

get some cash, 
if electricity is out 
no ATMs

After I fill up my car with gas,
just in case we need to
 hightail it up to Vermont, 
I will gather precious family heirlooms.

Like this old guy.

The Broome family bible. 
I am the last in that line
and love reading about those
 who came before me. 
Most from NYC. 
Remind me to tell you the story of how I almost got arrested
trying to steal the Broome St. sign in my teens.
 The bible will be placed in my storage space, in a huge ziploc bag,
 along with my vintage suitcases which are filled with family photos, letters, certificates and other stuff that is very near and dear.

 Other things placed in the suitcases 
for fear of water damage
are cherished items that could never be replaced:

Photos of my parents
 when they were young,
the negatives long since lost,

the tape of my mother speaking to me
 on her death bed, 
what seems like a million years ago.
Talking about love
 and other life lessons
 that she wanted me to hold dear.
I hold that tape dear.

Silly little goldtone whale pin
 that I fondly remember her wearing,
every summer
on one of her fabulous
 whimsical sheath dresses.
Maybe I'll pin that on my raincoat for good luck instead.

A lapis ring that my dad's sister
 entrusted me with a few months ago. 
It was a gift my grandmother, who died at 47, gave to her sister Natalie when she was young. We don't have much from my grandmother so I cherish this ring as if was the Hope diamond. Her sister must have too as it is obviously well worn and loved. I would be heartbroken if I lost any of these items. They are not worth much monetarily
 but priceless to me.

Enough of sentimentality...
let's be practical.

Other things to think about:
Along with topping off your gas tank,
Fill your tub with water.

 If you don't have a tub, 
use buckets or garbage cans.
Use that water to flush the toilets.
Just lift lid on tank and fill when empty.
This is a godsend when your power is out.
Trust me.
Have plenty of potable water too,
in bottles, gallons or pitchers.

Move all potted plants and other outdoor items; birdbaths, chairs, lanterns, etc.. 
in to the house/barn/garage. 
Don't want that stuff flying around
 when the winds hit 90mph or higher.

 Put some candles in a ziploc
 along with some matches and/or a lighter. 
 For a nice romantic chicken dinner perhaps?
 Rubber Boots and Gloucester fisherman Sou'wester hat? 
Of course!
Raincoats and foulweather gear at the ready.

I am getting gas and oil for our chainsaw
just in case. 
You can never be too prepared.

Seriously, keep a first aid kit nearby.
A fire extinguisher too, you never know.

If winds are high
situate yourself in a room
 without windows if possible.

 Fresh batteries in your flashlights
 for medicinal purposes of course.
 Bring plenty of firewood indoors, 
and an axe, 
to keep the home fires burning.
 Have the fireplace set up and ready to go
with plenty of newpaper and kindling.
Charge all your devices. 
Phone, camera and computer.
If there is damage, 
take photos for your insurance company before you start cleaning up.

Check in on neighbors, 
especially the elderly, 
see if they need anything.

If the power is still out on Monday
come on over for a big mixed grill BBQ
I can probably keep the meat in the freezer frozen until then.

if you have battery powered speakers
 for your ipod
crank some classic tunes as above.

Try not to think about the evil avocado below v

Hunker down and hold on,
this is going to be a bumpy ride.


aBroad said...

How smart and prepared you are !
I hope it is all for nothing, that the rain and wind are not destructive and everything stays safe and whole.
I love the Hurricane Preparedness dinner.. very good.. I might have that tonight, even though we now live where there are no hurricanes.
Stay safe, besos

Purple Flowers said...

Not surprised you are such a practical girl. Stay safe; I'm your neighbor in NJ.

Kerry Comollo said...

Leave it to you to teach me a few things!! I knew the bathtub trick and always fill up the wood bin...candles, check...flashlights, check...I just pulled in the veggies from the garden so they don't get thing I do that you didn't mention is to have a method for making coffee. I have a propane burner and one of those filter cones and make sure you have GROUND coffee on hand. Duh, I know, but been there...had to grind coffee with a rolling pin...not fun...

Willoughby said...

I've got my fingers crossed that it won't be as severe as the current predictions. Stay safe!!

Laura said...

Hope all goes well for you. We have a mandatory evacuation and so sit and watch it unfold on the news... Praying that everyone stays safe and has a home to go home to. Lx

VictoriaArt said...

The most heart warming prep tour I have seen!
Love how you take care of the most important things in your life!
To have preserved your mother's voice made me cry!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

hey abby and cheddar..have been out of touch over the summer...i hope yours was well...from what i saw here and there it looked wonderful....

teddy and i have been doing alot of gardening and baking...

i laughed when i saw the tops of the flashllights...i thought they were wine bottles..then scrolled down some more..and there they were...the wine bottles !!!! too funny. the roast chicken looks does everything...

i have missed you, my friend

hope to hear from you soon

sending love,
kary and teddy

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