Thursday, January 20, 2011

That Tastes Like Chicken!

Tastes Like What?!

I made my mom's cornflake
 baked chicken last night

I know this is going to sound weird
but it was too moist.
God Bless my dear mother 
but she would cook everything
 to an inch of it's life.
and I liked it.

Her chicken was like Clark Bars

It reminded me of wood
and it was good.

another Clark I like

 It was super easy to make.

I spared you the photos, 
as I have said before...
raw chicken never looks good.
I took the skin off before I coated it
I'm not into skin.

I served it with a very simple 
arugula salad
dressed with lemon juice
a little olive oil 
salt and pep.

I like the tart salad
 with the sweet and greeeezy chicken

Actually, it's not so greasy,
I sprayed some Pam on it
before I stuck it in the oven 
to crisp things up a bit.
I eliminated the melted butter.

a Pam I like

I served the whole shebang up
 on a tin pie plate
lined with parchment,
easy clean up and nice presentation.
Sitting down to dinner last night
my husband said...
"Wow! that looks so professional!"
I took it as a compliment,
I am a professional, 
professional prop stylist 
and was a food stylist.

He's sweet 
and so is this chicken! 
especially when served with extra salt,
a hot biscuit
 and honey on the side.

If it is too moist for your taste 
upon first presentation,
you could do like I did.
I barely ate any of mine last night
but put it back in the oven
 and cooked it some more.
Today for lunch I had a piece.
A twice cooked and refrigerated piece.
Now this was like home.

Dry and crunchy.

Just like Momma used to make.

close as I could find to my mom's:


Stitchfork said...

Yum! And really like the easy clean up parchment paper! Chicken pot pie in the oven right now.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

This is a funny post! I love your rooster glass!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

you are sooooo funny. i laughed at that Clark candy bar....

i want to make this chicken...

and i would love to trade us some eggplant and zuchinni...anytime.

i have been in sourdough boot camp over has gone on for days and days...days of seed culture..rising, mixing...geeezzzz....joyce from octoberfarm got me through you visit her...after Buddy died 2 days later a HUGE box of pet loss books shows up at my door...we have been friends ever since. she LOVES to cook too..we email about a ga-zillion times a day. i named my Teddy after her dog Teddy...she really got me through a tough time...

chicken is on my grocery list


kary and the little red head guy....


jaz@octoberfarm said...

thanks for stopping by! be careful about getting into sourdough! it sort of takes over your life and gives you a whole new addiction! hehe! it is a good one though!

abby jenkins said...

I can already feel a name change.

sourdough everyday with abby j.

quintessence said...

Sounds fabulous and always love the fun banter!

Verde Farm said...

Sounds wonderful. I love “fried” chicken --even baked “fried” any way you make it. I bet it is so good with the cornflakes. Love the parchment paper idea-I’m definitely going to borrow that one--easy clean up too-wow :)

Jenni Price Illustration said...

It sounds like you had quite a delicious meal!

Michael TheMonkey said...

Hello! I am Michael TheMonkey! Lets be friends! Follow me on

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