Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Soup For You

This flu has knocked me out.
Normally I would rather cook from scratch
than buy prepared foods,
not yesterday.
I was feeling so crappy, only craving chicken soup.
Headed over to Boston Chicken to buy a rotisserie chicken figured I could feed Jeff that, with some sides, and use the rest of the chicken for some semi-homemade soup.

But I was given a gift. 
As they wrapped up my order the server asks me
 if I want soup or salad with the family meal,
it's included.

 I snatched up that soup.
Had some for dinner last night.
 Then this morning, 
still feeling like I was hit by a bus,
added the rest of the green beans
and some of the chicken 
to the store made soup,
heated it up 
wah la,
Jewish penicillin for breakfast!

Ahh..time to feel better.

If they don't have a Boston Market near you
you can duplicate this with a rotisserie chicken
from your own market, shred it,
 drop in hot chicken broth
with fresh cut veggies and
 you'll be feeling better in no time.
If you have time, 
this is a great recipe to make from scratch.


Purple Flowers said...

It sounds just what the good doctor ordered. Hope you're feeling better real soon. Keep with the soup, and tea w/lemon & honey.

a Broad said...

Abbeeee, I made soup today, it is only about 99 degrees out and getting humid but all day I had that picture of your soup in my mind.
I ended up making a chicken broth with soba noodles, lots of ginger and some shredded chicken off a roast chicken laying there waiting to be eaten.
A dash of sesame oil and I was happy. Even though hot soup right now is so not what I need.
But there is watermelon waiting :)
Feel better, besos .. C

Morgaana said...

Jewish penicillin. Just what the Rabbi ordered. I too have a nasty cold this week. I made beautiful soup with a free range chicken. ALAS... I can breathe again!

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