Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pretty Props for Profiteroles, Pain du Chocolat and Panna Cotta?

This morning I was pulling some linens
to use as props.
I get all lovey-dovey when I go through them.

Oh how I adore these hand stitched beauties.
Each one unique.

I have been collecting them for as long as I can remember.
Found digging through musty boxes at flea markets.
Stashed away in the way back 
of the top shelf
of a linen closet
at an estate sale.

Many of these were picked up at thrift shops for a song.

This gorgeous runner cost 8 bucks.
Eight Dollars.
You can't even buy a lousy acrylic one
 at Bed, Bath and Crap for that.

It probably took someone weeks
 to create all this gorgeous lace!
God knows it takes me a whole evening to sew one monogram, single letter.
You would think those old ladies
 at the church thrifty would appreciate
 all the handiwork on these
 and price them accordingly.
I'm glad they don't.

These both remind me of snowflakes, 
might be good for an ice cream recipe

These lovelies seen here
 just might make it on air for
 2nd season of 

Dessert First

Anne Thornton 

the A monograms seemed tres appropriate

Her show is particularly girly
so these napkins
and frilly bits 
will work well. 
I mix them with some modern pieces
so they don't look too granny.

This glorious green one would be
especially nice to catch
 the chocolate drips
from a decadent 
ice cream filled

photo by Stephen Murello
these napkins above are
sooo last season,
no really, 
that was last season's 

What do you think those creative, 
patient women,
 long gone,
 who spent all those hours making these
treasured pieces would say 
if they saw them on tv?
Probably that all that effort was worth it!

C is for Cake?

D is for?

Dessert First of course!

Life is short ~ Live it up
and check out Anne's show on the Food Network.
It airs Sunday at Noon.
She is as sweet as her show.


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Welcome to the Vintage Doily Lovers Club!
We are the first two of many (just kidding)
An absolute pleasure looking through your post this morning!!
How I love these linens too!!!! {{..sigh..}}
And the foods not bad either ;)

Purple Flowers said...

All that lace and monogramming is just beautiful. I don't know the kind of patience it took to make such detailed beauties. I also admire those women of long ago and their art.

Do you know if the Giada at Home has been cancelled? She's now only on once per day and they are still repeats - nothing new for the New Year.

Morgaana said...

I just love vintage lace. Thank you for sharing...what lovely pictures.

Willoughby said...

I heart vintage linens, too! I don't have any that are monogrammed, but I have some with really beautiful embroidery. I don't get them out often enough. I'm torn between wanting to use them and worrying about staining them.

Purple Flowers said...

I saw your comment on Emily Luchetti's blog. She is my sister-in-law. Small small world.

Maya said...

I have a weakness for everything sweet - edible or otherwise. Yet to watch her show...

Angie said...

Thanks for giving me a smile this morning. I too love old linens and marvel at the work involved. I wish they could talk.

Great post! Great blog!

Angie in WA

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