Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pick Your Friends

They say you can pick your friends
You can pick your nose...
but you can't pick your friend's nose.
 How hilarious is this mug?
I found it at a thrift shop a few years ago.

A little look in to the roaring 80s
Years of the Yuppies

 "Mommy, What's a Walkman?"

Purple Flowers had a post a few days ago
"Do you have a special one?"
It was about picking your mug in the morning.
I could totally relate.

 I can relate to this mug
 as I did have a couple Volvo wagons, 
those babies last FOREVER,
I was too young and poor to be a yuppie
but I do have a cuisinart
and that haircut.
I need to get my haircut.

I pick this mug when I am going 
to be working out in the garden.
It's super hefty weighing about 3 lbs,
 keeping my coffee warm
in the great outdoors. 

Just the opposite here, 
I pick this pretty english mug
when I make tea,
it already has a crack in it 
so I am extra careful.
SO pretty.
I pick it when I am dreaming
 about my garden.
I got this for my neighbor
 when she lost her old golden.
Cheddar loves her,
 and her senior rescue retrievers
who unfortunately have lived many years 
by the time they get to her happy home.
I bought two mugs, 
one for her one for me.
This mug reminds me of her dogs
and her
I pick it when I am feeling melancholy. 

 Not Baaaaaa-d.
These funny english sheep reminds
me of my brother Scott who shears sheep.
Hey, maybe he can make me some Uggs? 
I pick this one when I feel goofy.

Large and in charge.
This handpainted Italian mug is huge.
I chose it when I need LOTS of caffeine.

I had pet squirrels.
I love to feed the birds.
Constant struggle
at the feeder.
I want to feed them both.
I pick this one when I need a smile.

This one's got my name on it.
My middle name is Broome.
It's much smaller than the others,

making it my pick for tea
or when I only have time for a quick cup.

Classic dinner mug
that my husband had printed
 for the launch
 of our boat Nellie.
That is her builder's plate. 
She was built in 1903
and reborn in 2009.
We launched her in October,
in York, Maine.
 It was cold, rainy and nasty.
We asked friends and family to
 take these home
 after the chowder that was 
served in them warmed them up.
Ironically we did not get one.
Jeff's sister gave us hers. 
Thanks Mart.

What are you going to pick today? 

 Whatever it is, 
I hope you chose to
have a great day.

We get to chose that every day.

These mugs are like old friends.

Here's the fat owl, 
with a lobster bib of course!,
that I picked for my coffee today.
I love these vintage mugs.
You can pick them up at tag sales and 
thrifts shops for nothing.
I think this one cost me 50 cents.

Not a bad price for a morning smile!


That Janie Girl said...

What a great post!! Love all the schedule your haircut!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Perfect post. I don't drink coffee so I don't have a favorite mug when I do grab for a mug it's a Starbucks mug. Makes me think of home (Seattle). I adore your 'outdoor' mug, heavy just feels right in your hand.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Purple Flowers said...

Love 'em all! And your stories behind them are just great. I laughed when you spoke about not being a yuppie but driving a Volvo wagon. I can totally relate. I am not a yuppie, but drive a Volvo and love it.

Ashleigh said...

Quite the collection! I love the one in honor of you boat! We have an abundance of mugs at our house that we just can't seem to rid ourselves of (even though we rotate the same 3) they just tell so many stories!

Susie said...

thanks for visiting my blog! love all the great mugs~

for the love of a house said...

hello abby j!
you have a fun and fabulous mug collection!
I think blogging is so funny... like real life you meet someone and instantly like them, or not. You I like! Cheddar- I love!!! I really like your blog, so it's very nice to meet you. (I found you while blog-hopping one day from ??!) I left a comment for you on another post tonight, but since it's an older post I'll say it here too in case you don't see it... I have that exact same photo of the wonderful lantern at Smith-Zukas in Wells. Did you buy it from Art? I can't remember if it was there the last time we stopped in or not! Hope so, she's a beauty! small world!


Jenni Price Illustration said...

Really?? I thought that I was the only one that chose my daily mugs carefully depending on how I was feeling! Nice to know that I'm not alone on that one! Hee! Hee! I think I would pick your squirrel one first and then the owl. Both are so cute!

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