Monday, January 10, 2011

Make Nice Monday

I read something very poignant the other day.

Prairie Girl Studio's resolution to "do":

Do more for others.
Do more for myself.

We tend to put other's needs before our own.
Husband, Kids, Work.

I am going to put myself first.

Going to the gym
after a three week hiatus.

What are you going to do 
just for you today?

just do it...
"make nice' for yourself today
 my little chickadee!
Tomorrow you can go back to taking care of everyone else.


Farmgirl Paints said...

oh wow those pics are gorgeous. i'm going to get some stuff done and then hopefully take a little nap:)

a Broad said...

Love todays photos !
Especially Cheddar :)
Run over and take a look at my blog .. you are my Monday Look at This Blog post !

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Amen! I'm doing a little P90x for myself today...


Prairie Girl Studio said...

good morning, abby!
so delighted that you visited
and were so taken with my 'do'ings of late! ; )
i love that you have shared and that
you have posed this question today ...

today, i am going to make a list ~ a game plan of some of the 'do's' i want to do ... some are teeny, some are more substantial (but i am being very careful to put less on my list than more) ... to find a balance in all the 'do's' ...

i need to categorize in my mind and in pen so i don't forget ...

what i need to 'do' for myself is to allow myself time to be creative and that is one thing i am going to do today!

i absolutely LOVE your images ... especially the treetops and the sky ... beautifully seen and taken!

hugs to you ~

abby jenkins said...

PRAIRIE GIRL!!! I am so glad you posted, I couldn't for the life of me remember your have inspired me, obviously, and I have added your link to my post.

Thank you!

Patti and DeBoys said...

1st -- Thank you for visiting our blog.

2nd -- What are we going to do for ourselves Today? Well, this afternoon after our PT Visits we are going to go play on the agility field which we haven't had the time for lately. Time and weather has been keeping us from doing this -- So Today Is The Day!

-- Brutus, Tytus and Patti

Purple Flowers said...

I love PRAIRIE GIRL! She has also inspired me.

Well, today I am going to go through my books, and bring the ones I no longer want to the local Library. I've wanted to do this for a while now, and haven't gotten there. This one is for me.

Maggie and Mitch said...

What gorgeous photos! Your words are so very true, Abby.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

abby jenkins said...

UPDATE: I never made it to the gym. After a two hour conf call immediately followed by a two hour meeting regarding the kitchen renovation and the rest of the afternoon sourcing props for the next I am. Getting ready to make dinner, make up the guest room and make nice for my husband and our house guest.

Good news is that I did not eat the cookies I used to prop some shots! Didn't burn many calories but didn't ingest any either.

Thanks for all the nice comments. I am loving all my new friends, furry and otherwise!

SquirrelQueen said...

Hi Abby, thanks for stopping by my squirrely blog. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Great photos and and thoughts. We all probably need to take a little more time for ourselves.

I saw your post below about Dog Blogs, some of my best blogging friends are of the canine variety. There are also a lot of cat blogs, unfortunately the squirrels seem to be in the minority.

Have a great week!

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