Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Terrific Tuesday!

hahaha I crack myself up.

I like making up random theme days,
most of them lasting all of a day.

This tuesday I'd like to share
some things I think are terrific!

My old roommate's daughter
~ mini me ~
how cute is she?!?!

Cheddar doing his impersonation of a baby seal.
barrrhk barrhk barrhk.

Red Shovel
in the snow.

Another old shovel
 with my husband's initials on it.

in an antique square
cast iron pan
perfectly seasoned,
the pan and the pork.
Pan purchased
in Hudson, NY
from a very cute,
old man.

Remember me?

One of my pom pom animals.
A baby cardinal
in a cute lusterware cup
with the sweet sentiment
"Remember Me"
on it.
Very sweet.

fringe on an old Scottish
 carriage blanket
look at those colors

Welcome to 
Terrrrrrr-ific Tuesday! 
The One and Only!
It's Tuesday
Be Terrific!


Patti and DeBoys said...

Things that are going to make our TUESDAY TERRIFIC -- our visit to Cliff View Senior Living (going to gather up all of the SMILES), then off to fly-ball practice (where we get to bark like idiots), and then the team is coming over to our house for a New Years Get Together (lots of laughter and some good eats)....TERRIFIC TUESDAY here we come!

quintessence said...

I think I'm liking Terrific Tuesday especially if you'll share some champagne and bacon with me - I think I've discovered a new taste treat!!

Purple Flowers said...

Today will be terrific because I don't have to go to the Dentist. That appointment will be tomorrow -
(root canal work) yikes!

Willoughby said...

They're all terrific! Great idea for a theme, even if you aren't planning to make it a weekly post.

Prairie Girl Studio said...

hee hee ... what can i say ...
every image and every word ... TERRIFIC!

i went for a ski today and was so excited
to catch that magic light on the snow
as the sun was sinking ... got to 'the' spot
to get the shot and ... batteries pooped
in my camera ... terrific. ; )

happy terrific tuesday to you!

That Janie Girl said...

That bacon pix done flung a cravin' on me. Not so good at 10pm, Abby J.

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