Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's A Dog's World

 I discovered a whole new world
 on the internet.

Blogs all about Dogs
Dogs who have their own blogs.
Guess you really don't need thumbs to type.

If you know me, 
and you probably do, 
either through the years or through this blog, 
you know how much I love dogs. 
Always have always will.
My oldest brother Peter who started his  Walk Across America when I was 9.
Here he is with his best buddy Cooper,  the first dog I ever really loved.
My Uncle said 
he had wanted to stand up at our wedding 
and tell a story about me when I was little. 
For whatever reason he did not,
 but shared it with us months later.
 I'm glad he waited
because I don't remember much about our reception, 
I was in too much of a love haze. 

The story goes:
 we were walking down Greenwich Avenue,
I was about 5 or 6. 
Had just left Baskin Robbins
 where we picked up some ice cream cones.
He said there was a random dog tied up on the sidewalk. 
I went on over to him, rubbed his head,
 said hello then gave him a lick of my ice cream.

My Uncle stood dumbfounded
as I then continued on my way, 
and continued eating my ice cream. 

I thought that was such a sweet story,
really sweet that he remembered. 
If you are a dog lover like me, you'll get it.
If not, or if you are a germaphobe, 
you probably just threw up a little.

These days I buy Cheddar his own ice cream.
He doesn't like mint chocolate chip as much as I do.

What's your favorite dog tale?


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh abby...i LOVED this so much...
as you know...Buddy was my whole life...i remembered after he died..i came home...threw myself on the couch...SOBBING...HYSTERICAL...and said...NOW WHAT??? what am i going to do without him. he is MY LIFE. i know non-dog lovers think..OH, " get a life" but Buddy was my entire reason for living...losing him just about did me in...but I got the gift of lifesaver...i adore him so much...

dog are just THE BEST...i love that picture of your brother..and the drawing of the doggie blogging..i better check out the doggy blogs...

OH..and TEDDY LOVES ice cream !!! if i have some he eats all of it...well, i can tell you..we SHARE the spoon..i know you understand :-)

during xmas he loved the haggen-daz peppermint..i picked out the he is on vanilla bean haggen-daz.

sending a warm and cozy hug to you and Cheddar

kary and teddy

abby jenkins said...

KARY! amazingly the word verification for this comment is chedr!! isn't that nuts?

I was thinking about you, Buddy and Teddy the whole time I did that post. That's a drawing I did of Cheddar surfing... if you go to my post yesterday there are a lot of people/dogs commenting, click on their links...great sites.

Enjoy your day! Hugs and ice cream to you!

Purple Flowers said...

What a great and Happy post. I needed this one today! :)

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a pawesome post!

Imagine, a khanine having a blog ;-)


GAIL said...

Hi We are so glad that you stopped by our doggie blog.
Your Cheddar is a beautiful dog. What breed is he? Mistaya is a rescued Miniature Auzzie Shepard. They are sooo smart. Please visit us again.
Hugs and wags, Mistaya and M.O.M. Gail

eddieross said...

Too funny... Blog world is amazing!
Happy New Year to you!

La Belette Rouge said...

Just today I was putting on some Fresh Sugar lip balm. My dog Lily watched me enviously. So I put the lip balm in front of her nose and she put some on her snout. That is my way of saying I totally get it. I would share anything with my girl. And I just don't get people who don't get dogs.
So happy you found my blog and I am so happy I found you.
Love this post!

a Broad said...

I live with a half human dog so he probably has more stories to tell than we do.
He is not allowed to eat ice cream etc though .. I try hard to keep him from begging ALL the time. Now he only stares holes through us when we eat chicken or popcorn. Yeah, I give him popcorn.
I also only eat chocolate ice cream and you know Chocolate is Poison for Dogs.
If you looked at my blog, you know there is this hairy guy who is featured in almost all of my blogs in one way or another .. what would we do without our Pups??

Gaston Studio said...

Great post! Am also a dog lover and my little Lexi and I share many edibles together.

unique cremation urns said...

Dogs today are very awesome because of the training also that they gets..

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