Friday, January 7, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

When looking for envelopes
 for my homemade thank you cards
(more on that tomorrow)
 I came across these handmade cards
I made when I was young.


Whenever we had a big group for dinner,
well, being the youngest of six kids
 we almost always had a big group, 
but when it was a special occasion my mother
 would ask me to create some
 place cards for our guests.

Here are some from Thanksgiving
many moons ago.

Uncle Morgan
He was always taking us in to the city 
for some 'culture"
believe me, we needed it.

My big sissy, Winky.
She was always smiling
and always taking photos.
Not much has changed.
She's a little more modest these days,
whoa that's lowcut!
 My Sweet Mother Mary
She loved Thanksgiving 
and woke up in the middle of the night
 to prep the big meal.

(preteen spelling)
I loved to ice skate, 
and loved my mom.
What's up with the Farrah Fawcett 'do?

My big bro Peter
I am not sure if he came home this year, 
might have been wishful thinking
on my part.

Uncle Bruce
a.k.a. You Bee
He worked for a big publisher 
and was always giving us books.

Another big bro
He rode his bike everywhere 
and was always singing. 

who rode a different kind of bike,
a BMW motorcycle,
he obviously had a little accident.

My Dad.

His shirts were a little tight too,
especially after thanksgiving :^)

He was always yelling at my sister Betsi 
(4yrs older)
who would turn up the thermostat to 85
so she would not be cold getting out of the shower.
Problem was that in our antique house
there was only one thermostat and she
would crank that baby up, 
then leave for school. 
I would come home hours later
 the dog would be panting
 and the plants were dead...
and my Dad would be pissed.

Betsi was almost always pissed at me,
can you guess why? 

I love that my parents saved these.
It was like opening a time capsule
this morning
and really made my day.


A Perfect Gray said...

abby, thanks so much for your kind comments. I really appreciate your thinking of me.

what a treat it was to see these little works of art! so precious. so glad you have them.

thanks again and happy new year! donna

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

hey abby...well now, my friend..these are just about the MOST charming little treasures i have ever seen. you are so lucky to have them. they are so cute and heartfelt....i enjoyed each one.

how is Cheddar? that beautiful big boy. i bet he looks so great in the snow. i saw the storm on t.v.

today i am making out of my Rao's cookbook his turkey meatball soup and my aunt bessie's dilly bread for supper. and am looking for a coffeecake recipe. feel like something with cinnamon and walnuts...

i would love to do a house swap...i wish we lived closer...we have so much in common :-)

i could visit about cooking for hours :-)

off to the kitchen

more later

kary and teddy

abby jenkins said...

Kary, did you see that coffee cake recipe I posted a couple weeks ago? It is everything a coffee cake should be! Wish I could stop by for some Rao's goodness, I need to get that cookbook. Enjoy your day! Love to Teddy

lizzie said...

you are the same person now, and thats one of the reasons i so adore you. oh abbi, abbi, abbi. the world would not rotate without you. your old pal, lizzee

Heidi Drew said...

This was a fun post. I have a blog for my art but not nearly as much saved childhood art. I have one piece on facebook of my aunt's pet owl from when I was staying at her house because Jenny was just born. (I'm currently making a children's book about that owl)

theLENNOXX said...

Haha, what a fun post! You were really good at drawing, and I love how you captured the personality of each guest in the place cards.

xo Linda

Dumbwit Tellher said...

So absolutely wonderful that your parents did keep these. Show's you that they treasure the little things that their children did. I love your illustrations, you look like you had a great sense of humor and a good grasp on who you thought everyone was. Thanks for sharing & so lovely to find your blog!

Happy 2011 to you ~ Deb

Rachel Elizabeth said...

These are so sweet. What a little artist you were.

Gumbo Lily said...

What a treasure!
I'm enjoying your blog today.


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