Saturday, December 18, 2010


Can we tawk?

.....and I am not talking about the benefits
 of pomegranate juice!
although you might want to stick
 a big red in your loved one's stocking this year
 along with the traditional tangerine or clementine.
I'd suggest you read this article 
on how Pom juice can inhibit cancer growth too. 

I digress...

My latest obsession.
 All started when I was a little kid growing up in Greenwich,
drooling over Steiff stuff at the toy store
with hard earned money in my hand.
I loved all things little...

tiny erasers, 
little porcelain animals stuck on cardboard,
one of my first jobs was
 organizing all the Sanrio stuff
 at the card store on Greenwich Avenue.
Not much has changed, 
I still wonder how I get paid to do something I love so much...

again, digressing....

Pom Pom Animals.
these sold at Christies
Steiff made the most incredible ones.

I have my collection up in my house in Vermont
 or in a storage space somewhere
along with all my worldly possessions.
Someday soon I really need to rent a studio where I can appreciate all my treasures and have them out to inspire.

I have been inspired by Jennifer Murphy
 as I have stated before.
She has an amazing studio. 

Oh the projects I could dream up
 in a space like that....

The little ones have been keeping me up at night.
Until about 3am on average.
Little balls of yarn and fluff.
I just can't get enough pom pom animals!

Here is one of my 2010 Christmas
 Present Ornament offerings this year, 
this one for my friend Eddie Ross.
This little duck as a cute fauxhawk under that beret.
This is the first one I completed.
I miss that guy.
We used to live in the same apartment building
and work together at Food Network. 
Have been friends since he was 15.
Daily Laugh-athon.
Thick as thieves. 
We lived above a Starbucks
 and would drink two vente coffees
 on the way to work.
bzzzzzz.....we got so much done those days.
He is amazing.
Check out his blog

Can you tell I have had a lot of coffee today? 
Jumping all over the place.

Back to PomPoms.
 I can't really show all of them...
don't want to spoil the surprise.
sneak peek
Hope you enjoy my new wee ones! 

This is Cornelia,  all she needs is a clove cigarette and a Smith sweatshirt

Not sure how many I can create before Christmas
 but I am hoping to have a warren of bunnies
 by the time Easter rolls around. 
These little fellows take me about 3 hours to make, 
I am a novice and a perfectionist!,
 so it's slow going.

Back to spinnin' the yarn....
Enjoy your day with your wee ones.


Purple Flowers said...

How funny that we both posted about "wee ones" today. I love yours!

I have tried to e-mail you to pass along a few recipes, but cannot find your e-mail address. Mine is

LUCKY 7 DESIGN said...

Found you via Eddie's facebook. I love Cornelia, she is adorable. Great stuff...Happy Holidays!

Rachel said...

~*~*little miss Cornelia is a hoot!! LOVE your little creations!!~*~They just bring a smile to my face!! ;)Hugs,Rachel~*~*

*French Farmhouse 425*

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