Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Dasher, On Prancer, On Guerrilla Visiting Hour...

I was sitting wrapping gifts for Operation Santa last night, my fave part of the holidays, and decided to turn on the tv. There was a show on about St Jude Hospital and it really touched me. Those poor kids, and their families. 

I was reminded of the time I went with one of my big brothers, Fred, think I was about 12, and we snuck in to Greenwich Hospital on Christmas Eve around 11pm. I wore my clogs, brown corduroys and a brown sweater...with homemade antlers and a red clown nose of course, and clopped my way down the hallways to pay a special visit to his friend Michael who had been in a horrible motorcycle accident. 
I was Rudolph to Fred's Santa. 
Mike laughed until he cried,
 he was in a lot of pain.
 I like to think we made
 his Christmas Eve for sure.
 The nurses had a hard time throwing us out...
 but as they did I clip clopped down the aisles whinnying and wishing all a good night,
shaking the sleigh bells I stole off my parents front door.
All about the props.
 One of my favorite Christmas memories ever. 

Maybe we should make a special visit to the pediatric ward this year..., 
I'll start working on my pipe cleaner antlers now,
pair for me...and one for Cheddar!


Purple Flowers said...

You are a very generous soul with a sense of humor. So glad to have you around!

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