Thursday, December 16, 2010

nom nom pom pom

I have a girl crush on Jennifer Murphy.
She is so very talented and so damn cute.

If you have not heard of her before
check out her site,
it's cuter than a basket full of puppies.

You can watch a tutorial 
of her making a pom pom bunny,
when she was on Martha.
First time I heard about her.
She is inspired by vintage cuteness,
and Steiff,
as am I.
I am also inspired by her.

Here are the beginnings
 of my
 annual Christmas Ornaments.
Let's see how many I can do before the big day.
I really should be 'wrapping up'
 the rest of the Operation Santa gifts!
Can't wait to use
 some of my vintage french trims, silk flowers, etc...
that I have been carrying around for eons,
to embellish my little creatures.
Here is my first attempt.
A little rough.
 standing next to some trees 
I made out of an old moth ridden blanket
and vintage buttons.

A previous years Christmas gift idea.

Frosty is not finished yet.
Still needs a cozy scarf,
his hat finished,
so much to do!

What are you up to?


Purple Flowers said...

Not much in the way of creating crafts this year. I'm feeling alittle happy and a little blue.
Today, I am brings toys to the local station for "Toys for Tots" and coats to the Market Street Mission. I want to try and keep people warm, and tots happy.

Happy crafting - Frosty looks so cute!

Purple Flowers said...

"bringing" is the correct grammar structure. Sometimes I type too fast, and don't re-read. ;)

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