Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mother Mary

 would have been
 my mother's
 85th Birthday.

Hard to fathom
 she has been gone
15 years.

Rarely a day goes by
 when I am not reminded
 of how wonderful she was
 and how truly blessed I am
 for having had 
such a exemplary role model.
Here she is with my three oldest siblings, I'm glad they kept going!

She was a gift to this world.

Pennies from heaven?

I find random dimes all the time.

Every once and a while I'll get a very special treat
from heaven,
 a bobby pin.

me making her laugh,
that seemed to be my gift to her!

But the greatest gift is when I look in the mirror
and see her face in my own.

I am one of the very fortunate 
who are thrilled
to be turning in to their mothers.

I should be so lucky.

Happy Birthday 
Mary Elizabeth Robie Jenkins!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

that was lovely, abby. what a wonderful tribute to your mom. i lost my mom august 2006 to pancreatic cancer and think of her all day long...everyday. ( the loss of elizabeth edwards yesterday brought that time all back to me) whenever i see a bird feather i think it is a letter from my mom...or a way to say she is watching me....

thinking of you today, my friend
kary and teddy

peter said...

Abbs, Such a beautiful tribute to our wonderful Mother. I'm crying right now. I feel her all the time and miss her more everyday. I feel her traveling with me as I explore America and know I have the love of people, that she had, in my heart.. LOVE, your bro Peter

lizzie said...

ok. im bawling. love the bobby pin. love you.

abby jenkins said...

Kary, my Mom lost her life to pancreatic cancer too. Not a nice way to leave this world. More reason for us to get together when I am out there in January.

Peter, love you see you in January and Lizzie...come over and wrap with me!!! Love to you all! OXXOXO

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