Friday, December 10, 2010

Kitchen Renovation Salvage Search
Our kitchen renovation project has been inching along.

My desire to use as much salvaged stuff as we can
 is not only to reduce our footprint
and acquire unique well made items,
but also to save money.

This process demands a lot of time, 




being in the right place, 

at the right time,

and sheer luck.

I love old stuff.

Come on,
how about this
old copper awning
 repurposed as a stove vent?!

The patina is priceless and will go well with
the tealish color I am painting the cabinet interiors.

too big for our kitchen but check out those gams!

ahhh.... old parlor doors would be ideal for our pantry. 
But probably too tall.

I'm a sucker for pocket doors
but nowhere to put them here.
Think of this as pure eye candy salvage.

 how about these babies as kitchen cabinet doors?

Love Love Love casement windows
and they sure seem much more energy efficient
when used in an interior application. 
Probably the simple ones. 
These are from an old university.
Can't you just see it?

I want a wall of glass paned cabinet doors,
or repurposed casement window frames, 
almost to the ceiling.

 Trying to emulate the butler's pantry
 of a grand old house we rented
 up in Maine
 when we launched our boat.

I loved that house. 

Wish I took some photos of that place, rumor had it that they were going to gut the butler's pantry (gasp) to expand their kitchen...I know I know I can't stand it. If I knew then what I know now I would have driven up there and taken all those doors and drawers out myself.
Under the cover of the night.

Re-plate this grandpa in nickel and it's perfect
 above our new/antique soapstone sink we found,
in Maine.

Maybe we should just buy a place 'down east', 
would save a ton on shipping!


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Thanks for dropping in :)
I would make room for that sink and faucet in a heartbeat!

Iva said...

all that time and effort will be completely worth is once you have your end result! Happy Friday! Have a nice weekend!

Purple Flowers said...

I am salivating at the pocket doors, and the sink w/those great "gams". I always wanted a pocket door for a bathroom door to add some elegance to it.

We have casement windows in our townhome. They roll out European style and I love them.

Best wishes for lots of fun while you search for your treasures!

Hana said...

Oh man, I'm so jealous of your renovation!

an angel at my table said...

This is fantastic!! This post gives me a lot inspiration this is exactly what I need to get going with. I just bought a house of 400 sq meter and I need to fill it with salvage material. There seems to be a lot of fantastic items in the US for this!!

All the best

An angel at my table

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