Friday, December 31, 2010

Just Say Nolita

Last night at Frank DeCarlo's
 perfectly perfect restaurant

in Nolita

I overheard someone saying that Snookie
 was going to be IN the ball 
that descends tonight in Times Square. 
I had to reassure myself that was not so,
that our society had not dropped that low,
 pun intended,
 that there was not another reason
 for us to grab our bag, our dog and move to Italy.

"well I never!
never thought she'd talk about snookie...
who the heck is snookie?"

 In googling snookie+ball this is what I found. 
A nice surprise, I love clever blogs.

What I really love is Nolita,
Especially Elizabeth Street.
I would love to call that home.
There is a 1 bedroom right near Peasant for sale.

Oh, ONLY 2.5 million.
for. a. one. bedroom.
That does not include the 3k a month 
for maintenance fees and taxes.
You would have Billy Joel and Gabriel Byrne to ring for a cup of sugar though...
that's got to be worth something.
oh hi Piano Man...may I borrow some Grey Poupon?
So, for now, 
I will be happy to live snookie-free
 and stay here in CT.
Maybe get some goats.
Thankful that we are so close
to the greatest city in the world.
NYC is always a nice place to visit, 
just for fun, 
to walk around the old time areas
 and take in the energy that is New York.

Last night I arrived early for dinner,
Jeff and the kids still at a movie at the Angelika Theatre
so I cruised around and found this delightful little jewelry store.
Erica Weiner

Speaking of clever!

She uses old watch fobs, chains, cracker jack prizes along with contemporary fittings to make some pretty cool jewelry.
Always love seeing someone putting it out there. 
I bought a necklace for my step-daughter for her b'day
...can't show that here yet..

one for a friend whose logo is the Napoleonic Bee,

and one for myself, 
an early b'day present for me.

This compass so I will never lose my way.

The shop was 1800s NYC chic.
Old glass, brass and oak display cases that were to die for.
This shop inspired me to get my stuff out there in 2011.
I need to sell my cards, 
start working on my book...
speaking of books I am going to be illustrating a book for a fellow blogger..someone you probably know.
So there, I guess I will be getting my art out there.

Until then my friends,
 enjoy the rest of 2010 and raise a glass to peace,
 love and a snookie-free 2011!


mydesignchic said...

We were in NYC for Thanksgiving - there's just nothing quite like it. How lucky you are to be able to pop over from Conn. Not so easy from NC. Wishing you a Happy New Year, filled with a Snookieless night!!

Purple Flowers said...

You are too funny! I too, raise my glass to "no more Snooky". I'll move to Italy with you!

I'm reading alot of goals you have set for yourself in the coming year. I think that's fantastic - so positive and upbeat.
Here's wishing you and your family a healthy and most Happy New Year!

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