Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I've got a Sinking Feeling

working on the kitchen renovation
design process
so many things to chose!
The one thing we have already bought
 is an antique soapstone sink,
that's it buried under some funky stuff at
the coolest shop up in Wells, Maine.

 This green goddess lantern was there too. 
Thought that would look great over the sink
with a big edison bulb wired up with a dimmer.
Anything will be a major improvement 
after the florescent one there now.
Probably put in around the time this photo was taken.
 Looking pretty precarious on that stool there junior.

Sink : Done

Next, Faucet.

Found this cool one online at a salvage yard,
would look great re-plated in nickel.

Reminds me of this one below. 

I also love this beauty by Waterworks.

Probably costs as much as a Le Cornue.

le eye candy

 Isn't this a sweet way to store your sponges? 
at sarasgallery shop on etsy
Well back to the search,

Check back to see what we unearth next!


RNSANE said...

In almost 35 years of being a single mom without child support and raising three sons to adulthood, working around the clock as a forensic nurse ( praise the job which I loved and lamented when it ended after 21 years ), I have lived vicariously through such lovely home improvements such as yours. I will thoroughly enjoy yours as I prepare to downsize and move from this home I have rented for 13 years. Retirement and a $100,000 a year annual decline in my income necessitate changes. Thank heavens for your blog, abby.

lizzie said...

i have the bulb!

Mary said...

Oh, I hope you got that lantern -- I audibly gasped when I saw it. lol Love the sink, too. I've got soapstone countertops in my kitchen and love them.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Abby, and for your kind comment! I look forward to visiting here often, and seeing your renovation as it unfolds.

Hope your new year is filled with happiness!

for the love of a house said...

I have that same photo of the fabulous lantern at Smith-Zukas in Wells! Art has the best things. I hope you bought it- it is wonderful!

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