Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the Birds

Do any of you feed the birds?
Another one of my obsessions. 
I take a bunch of different types
 of birdseed and pour them all
 in to a big galvanized pail
and make my own special blend.
Lyric Supreme or Chickadee Blend are my fave types
off the shelf.
I start to itch if we are away,
worried that the feeders aren't being filled.
Those little feathered friends need us 
especially when the weather gets Siberian.

I think it was my son-in-law who said it.
"Wow, you must be getting old,
you are birdwatching now!"

Yup guess we are. 

My husband and I will dawdle in bed a little longer than the norm
turn over, perch ourselves up on our pillows and watch the birds gather at the feeder out our bedroom window.

Colonial TV is what I call it. 
No commercials.

One morning I was able to talk my husband
in to "baring" the elements,
to go out in the snow
 and fill the feeders for me. 
Obviously it was freezing cold 
so obviously he decided to go sans pants.
Manly Men.
Anyhoo I was laughing my butt off,
wetting my pajama pants inside,
watching him out there
in just his shearling, some boots
and what God gave him.
I grabbed the camera
and am so thankful I did.
As he rounded the corner on his way back in to the house,
our neighbor came by, 
she talked with him for about 2 minutes
 before she realized
he didn't have any pants on.
I was inside, 
doubled over,
nice and warm,
and our birds were outside,
fat, happy and I am sure amused as well.

What a guy.


Purple Flowers said...

What a sight that must have been. You have me laughing very hard!

We also feed the birds. Hubby and I love doing it and our cat Zach loves to watch them fly around. It's a win win for everyone. :)

eddieross said...

You're totally inspiring us to do the same in the new house! Can't wait to feed the birds with you and Jeff in the New Year!

E + J

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