Monday, December 27, 2010

Festive Food

 Over indulging for the past week or so

Shrimp Cocktail might have been
 the healthiest thing I ingested.

 Coffee cake a couple times a day?
Why not?

Homemade bacon from one of Jeff's friends
perfumed the place
Christmas morning.

 This rib roast stunk up the whole house
Christmas Night
(Tip: a 500 degree oven has to be VERY CLEAN!)

We just had a pizza off tonight.
Ordered pizza from three different places 
and picked a winner.
Ridgeway Pizza in Stamford,
the plain pie.
Underdog crowd favorite.

Fun but I feel freaking fat.

It's about time I stop eating like this.

Time to get my butt back to the gym!

What's on your plate?


Willoughby said...

The bacon sounds heavenly! And the shrimp cocktail? I could eat that every day!

The clean oven comment made me laugh! I wasn't aware that something greasy had dripped in my lower oven (I have double ovens and use the lower oven less often) until I baked a cheesecake for Christmas. The whole kitchen smelled like grease. I was worried that the cheesecake would take on a smokey flavor, but it didn't.

RNSANE said...

For days, we've had an extremely decadent and indulgent menu - all sorts of calorie laden appetizers, many made with luscious cheeses, wonderful crab quiche with more to make next week, and, of course, desserts of all kinds. Exercise and careful eating will take place after the 1st!

lizzie said...

i haven't ingested anything that has been grown from the earth in over a week. colonics for all! love you.

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