Friday, December 17, 2010

Angels Among Us

'tis the season...
when we should be celebrating family,

Instead many of us are totally stressed out, 
over extending themselves (me),
buying things we don't need, 
we can't afford, 
and won't even be able to recall 
that item we "had to have" 
in ten years anyway.

Many people are sorrowful this time of year
 because they miss loved ones,
they are lacking someone special in their lives,
they are lonely,
maybe just conflicted and confused.
Plenty of reasons to be bummed out
but even more to be happy.
Reflect on those things that bring you joy. 
Celebrate the people in your lives
 who literally are like angels
 fallen from heaven.
Keep alive the memories and traditions
 of those angels we have lost
  who are always with us in spirit.
Thank those folks today. 
They are golden.

Reach out to those who may not have an angel.
Send them some love.
It is in giving that we receive.


Purple Flowers said...

How true. Great post!

abby jenkins said...

Kathleen, it was the post about your grandmother that prompted me to create this one.
She sure seems to epitomize everything that is maternal love!
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

pve design said...

Indeed, stopping long enough to see the angels is really what the season is all about. I love thinking that there are angels among us.
Wishing you a blessed holiday full of light, love and angels all around you!

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