Friday, November 19, 2010

What I am VERY Thankful For...being here on Day Number Six...

Well, there are plenty of things we try not to take for granted. 
One that always seems to go under appreciated
until it acts up 
your health.

With six days to go 'till Thanksgiving I would like to give

a Really, Really Great Big Thanks 


I may not be as toned as I was in my thirties
 and sure my knees are shot,
 but hey,

I am here, 
I am breathing,
 I am standing on my own accord, 
I am able to take an hour long hike with no issues.

Life is good.
You are younger today than you will ever be again.

Do the things that scare you.
That dare you.
That make you look silly.

alright silly, not stupid.

Losing is Winning sometimes

Without your health nothing else matters.
Maybe this should have been higher on the list.

Drink some water.  
donate some water

Eat organic

especially potatoes, 
the pesticides that were used in the soil
 many years ago 
never go away.
 They are still lurking
 underneath the surface.
Underneath the surface
 where the potatoes grow.

If you can't buy everything organic 
focus on purchasing those things
 that are most 'toxic'
click here to go to a list.

Move your butt.

Throw out your butts.
Love yourself!

In honor of my health,
I am joining the gym today.

Thanks Body
for bringing me this far!
no smoking!
Raise a big ol' healthful glass

 of red wine to your health!

A Votre Sante!


Purple Flowers said...

Great post! Women are constantly thinking about their weight and how they look in their clothes. What we take for granted is that we are healthy, and that is the most important point of all. We could always use some improvement, but yet, a work in process is not to be taken lightly.
Happy Weekend to you!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh abby...this was wonderful ...those videos..that cowboy dance..and the extreme skiing...loved it...

i'll toast to you tonight, my friend....

kary and teddy
hugs to cheddar

abby jenkins said...

hi ladies! have a wonderful weekend!!

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