Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two days 'till Thanksgiving

and what says Thanksgiving more than even food itself?


I love my family.
Jenkins/Rice men the next generation
watch out all you ladies out there

new family members
fit seamlessly into the fabric
of our lives

"Head" of the Family
and when I say head I mean it
Always there.
Fricken hilarious.

can you see the family resemblance




With 30 or so nieces and nephews life is never dull.

family members who have passed on
still strong in spirit

adoptive family members

Chosen for me 

close as could be

ever growing clan  

and what is better than

new family members?

Embrace your family.
Enlarge your family.
Celebrate your family!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

abby..what a beautiful post...what a beautiful family....

i wanted to stop by and wish you and cheddar and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving...

it has been so much FUN getting to know you this year..YEP ..me too..i wish we lived ...just around the corner...

sending blessings and love,

kary and teddy

Eileen Evans said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Your family life looks wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving.

lizzie said...

your talent and compassion made my heart almost burst out of my chest. happy thanksgiving, dear friend.

abby jenkins said...

It's thanskgiving!!! I am so glad I did that cleanse although now I don't want to eat anything rich. Is it possible I can actually lose weight this weekend?! haha

have a glorious day with everything and everyone you love!

Kristin said...

There is nothing quite like Thanksgiving QT with the fam! Beautiful post!

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