Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seventh Day of Thanksgiving

On the Seventh Day of Thanks Giving
I am giving big, big gratitude to


Being a prop stylist 
and art director
 on cooking shows, 
and cookbooks

food really is my life.

I love to think about it, talk about it, buy it, grow it, prep it, cook it, give it, plate it, serve it and of course eat it.

Barney's is so thankful for food 
they did their holiday windows this year
in a culinary style.

Might have been the closest
those skinny folks
have ever been to food!

View more news videos at:

Here are a few of my favorite food blogs:

Check out The Feast for the latest food news, restaurant suggestions in NYC, etc..

I am sure you all know about epicurious right? my go to online cookbook. Recipes from Gourmet especially cherished.

Gwyneth Paltrow has a great blog GOOP where she shares recipes. I especially love the time she went to Ina's house and made brunch. I almost worked on Barefoot Contessa...well I bought culinary props for her first run.... but never made it to the Hamptons. Wahh...


101 cookbooks. Which is about how many I seem to acquire every year. No wonder we are renovating our kitchen and putting in a 'cookbook nook'.

Speaking of Ina,
 no matter how large my library, 
excuse me,
 ~cookbook nook~
hers are always the ones I return to.
Simple, concise recipes that never fail.
They also make wonderful gifts.

Ina's blueberry muffins, I made them in parchment squares as I ran out of liners.

If you happen to live in the Stamford area,
Fairway just opened a massive store
on the other side of the tracks.
Don't have to drive to 125th street
 anymore to get my fix!

Marone a Mee Oh!
Speaking of destination food.
Have you ever been to Arthur Avenue?
Great Fresh Food.
Friendly Characters.
Fun day trip. 
Grab some tasty treats, 
and espresso,
 and head to the 250-acre 

their annual Holiday Train show which runs through January 9th is not to be missed!

Food and Flowers,
What is better than that?!
check in tomorrow
 we'll see what we can dig up!

 check out old posts for some of my favorite recipes. 


steviewren said...

I'm still laughing about Barney's windows! The only thing food has in common with fashion is....NOTHING....unless you are bulimic, anorexic, or have hypoglycemia and can eat all the time but never gain weight. But the window was cute and creative. I'll give them that.

ps...I'm thankful for cornbread dressing and gravy...mmmm, mmm, good!

Purple Flowers said...

Love to eat.Love this post.The end.

Jeannette said...

I will see if I can get a slip from my doctor to read your blog!

It's fun and bright and I love your sounds as if you earned at an early age that crayons were not to eat...and that many other yummy things are.

abby jenkins said...

I am really hungry after creating this post, you should see all the stuff I didn't include! Why did I think it was a good idea to start a diet now?

Gaston Studio said...

Going to pass these links on to my daughter... who does the cooking in this house. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am new to your website, but I can't find the recipe for the Better Than Sex cake of your oatmeal cookies! Do you not include the recipes? Please let me know. I am going to add your website to my favorites and check back but I would really like both recipes. Thanks!!

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