Saturday, November 20, 2010

Five GOLDEN things!


They say that you can be considered fortunate to count all your close friends on one hand.

That's five, some have fifty, some have just one.
My heart breaks for those who have none.
We all need a friend.

The person you can call at 3am when your car breaks down.
The brother from another mother
 who will help you move,
 without complaining,
even when you have
 waaaaay too much stuff. 

The sister from another mister
who will endlessly listen to your rants,
over a few glasses of wine, 
and offer nuggets of wisdom.

A friend will not only sit at your table at times of plenty
but be in the kitchen helping you prep before hand.
A friend who will lend a hand.

The friend you see with decreasing frequency,

 but each cherished visit seems just like yesterday.

The friend who will celebrate your successes
and share theirs with you.

The friend who will offer up a couch, an ear, a shoulder, when you don't want to be alone.

The friend who will get your butt out on the trail, to the gym, to yoga, even when it's the last place you want to be.

The Furry Best Friend.

The friend who is family.

The friend who is chosen family.

What would life be without good friends to share the journey?

I hope you find yourself surrounded by friends this holiday season.

Remember to have a good friend you must be a good friend.

I am thankful for all my friends, 
lifelong and new, 
and consider myself so fortunate to be friends with YOU!
did you know I was such a poet?

You know what the best is?

When you marry your best friend. 
That is a real blessing
that I am thankful for today
and everyday.

and now a song from one of my best friend's uncle!


Morgaana said...

Thank you for that. I just loved the pictures of the hands at the beginning of this piece. Told a story. We are blessed to have married our best friends. Have a wonderful Holiday Abby J. Your blog is delightful as your soul that resonates in it. ♥ In Vino Veritas!♥

abby jenkins said...

I love you Mogie! I'm out planting tulips today thinking of you and how much you brighten my world.


What a great post! Thanks for the reminder Abby! Happy Thanksgiving!


Purple Flowers said...

Another great post! I too value my friends, old and new.
My post today is somewhat similar in the way it's about being grateful.

Jeannette said...

Thanks for your friendly visit and fun idea of sharing seeds.

Your post here is very apro-pro tot he coming holiday. Enjoy in the bosom of friendship.

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