Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eighth Day Of Thanksgiving

On the eighth day of Thanks Giving,

I'd like to recognize...

Bread feeds the body, indeed, 
but flowers feed also the soul. 
~The Koran

 How can one help shivering with delight 
when one's hot fingers
 close around the stem of a live flower, 
cool from the shade 
and stiff with newborn vigor!  

More colors in a garden 
than any pantone chart
This two-tone iris was purchased
bareroot on eBay for 99 cents!
 How glorious is this papery poppy?
It has spread nicely every year
and looks wonderful with foxgloves 
planted behind.

Favorite memory of my first visit to Paris
Musee de l'Orangerie
where Monet's Waterlily paintings come to life

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.  
~Claude Monet

 This is my favorite painting, 
STOLEN from our house in Vermont 
big REWARD should you ever see it.
 Garden, grown from seed,
in front of Silver Lining Farm
our house in Vermont
the soil up there is crazy fertile.
 Give me odorous at sunrise
 a garden of beautiful flowers
 where I can walk undisturbed.  
~Walt Whitman
 I even like to wear flowers
can't get enough of them!
 ethereal bouquet

 Can't decide which is more elegant:
the enameled french punch bowl
or the aromatic hyacinth.
 So many narcissus to chose from!
 My cherished tree peony,
these plants can live for centuries!
 Early morning sunshine
at the Flower Market, Chelsea, NYC
Great way to start the work day!
 God loved the flowers and invented soil.  
Man loved the flowers and invented vases.

 Anemone Japonica, 
our wedding flower.
late fall nosegay
to brighten a friend's day

 Orchids and pansies, 
seem to smile
right back at you!
 One is nearer God's heart in a garden 
than anywhere else on earth. 
~ Dorothy Frances Gurney

The last arrangement from my cutting garden.
Gathered while clearing out the beds.

Thankful for flowers
the beauty they bring. 

Thankful for the promise of spring,
 in each bulb I plant.


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