Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beam Me Up

We have exposed beams
 in the living and dining rooms
 of our 1800s hunting lodge
so it seemed only obvious
 that we would expose
 the beams
during our kitchen renovation
(or add beam fronts depending
 on what we find under the sheetrock)

one of my all time favorite homes ever
as featured in Living Magazine

look how one simple beam
 adds so much to this area

I am in love with this vent and 
thought we could recreate a similar design,
 just less Chateau-y.
But that's a different post
Mennonite deconstructing an old barn
to salvage those glorious hand hewn beams.
I just adore old men, 
especially with that hat
all that knowledge,
and those suspenders!

How amazing is this bathroom?
The antlers
The arched windows
the wide plank floor
the tub
and of course,
the beams!

We are fortunate enough to have quite a few
sources for reclaimed beams 
 in the northeast
so handpicking the ones we would like
along with reduced shipping charges
are a few bonuses.

This kitchen is just 
 Nancy Fishelson's 
1795 Woodbury, CT home.

those hickory stools are pretty special too
character times ten

This kitchen above is the ultimate for me, 
but unless we move to Belgium
(no plans for that in the future)
we will have to try and recreate the feeling
in our Connecticut cabin
 with some old wood, 
old industrial salvage,
old bricks 
old wine!


Willoughby said...

Those are some great pictures! I'm sure you won't regret having beams in your kitchen.

We have an attic over our kitchen. I wish we had eliminated it, raised the ceiling and added beams. A future project, perhaps!

vignette design said...

Oh, give me beams! I must have beams! They add so much, don't they? We stayed in a villa in Italy where our bedroom was heavily beamed. 15th century. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh my..i am speechless...i LOVE this all so much. everything i LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
abby, i think we might have been cut from the same cloth. i saw your HOME post and thought to myself...we are thinking the same thing at the same time :-)

when i was growing up my parents build a home here in california.... it was a replica of a Farmhouse....complete with the dining room with the hand hewn beams. my mom had a fabulous Shaker basket collection and she hung her baskets off the beams...they had a firleplace was a walk-in fireplace...with a cauldron on a hook over the mom even placed a chair in it and would sit inside the fireplace and crack and eat walnuts. i LOVED that fireplace....oh, the mantel was an old BEAM :-)

happy to "visit" with you today
kary and teddy

Charmaine said...

Beam me up. You're an artist.


Yep! Sharing the beam love with ya sista!


steviewren said...

Your new kitchen is going to be fantastic if your dream kitchen photos are any indication of what's to come.

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