Friday, March 26, 2010

TAXing Times

Q: Why do I dislike paperwork so much?
A: because it is BOR-ing and tedious.

....unfortunately it is also necessary.

After getting audited last year,
I am hugely aware of how important it is to keep good records.
This is why I keep all my receipts. I have a lot of receipts.

This time every year I pull them all out of the XXL ziplocs I store them in and sort in to catagories....BORED enough yet? Who the heck cares? Nobody...especially me...
I find myself getting sidetracked every time I look out the window and see my garden explode in to bloom.

That is far more interesting....

here are some of my favorite shots and then I promise I will go right back to my taxes....

iris reticulata

Getting lost in Chet Baker while going through my files makes it a little less painful.
Oh, about the audit, I ended up getting a refund.