Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Full Circle-Skirt

I found a very cool clothing site today.
Not quite sure how I got there when I was supposed to be working....looking for props....... but you know how that happens.

I blame it on no caffeine.
I have been washing sour jelly beans down with green tea just to keep me awake.
Caffeine keeps my ADD in check.
Five days without black lightning and I'm a wanderer.

My find is... Steven Allen.

My hipster friends in Bklyn and The Village may say this is old news
but for someone that buys all her clothes at the thrift shop or online at JCrew
let's just say I don't get around new clothes on racks much.

What a freak flashback this Steven Allen. OYE!

I had some of this stuff.

Like going through those old plastic slipcovered photo albums of the 80s.

This is the only photo I could find of me wearing some cool vintage, this batik tuxedo blazer was not just for halloween (although here I am as my fave musician at the time, Mr. Buckwheat Zydeco-musical genius, in the ticket booth at my brother's nightclub circa 1988?) I wore that thing to death. Threads. It was originally from Trimingham's in Bermuda - I found it at Greenwich Thrift Shop.

I might have been wearing the vintage inspiration for this dress....

...when a boyfriend of mine hurt my feelings by telling me I dressed like his mom.
Hey ~ I liked vintage rayon floral print dresses.
So what if that horsehair like iron-on stuff they put in the lapels to make it stiff made my neck red.
Just throw a fur collar on.

Really great vintage was plentiful back then at the Port Chester Salvation Army.
Way before it was cool to wear dead peoples clothes.
There were lots of handmade dresses from the 50s and 60s and old madras blazers.
Cool nunlike shoes cast off from some old italian grandma were one of my favorite finds ever.

I loved the old cast-offs and still do.
They had a history.
Nothing mod for me, I saved that look for my sister-in-law
with all her cool neon freebies from Fiorucci. She was new wave cool.

I sported riding boots, ripped levis and tuxedo jackets. 50s dresses, peekaboo veiled hats and lace stockings. Ancient LLBean jackets. Duck boots. Cardigans. Ray Bans, aviators and wayfarers. Suspenders...backwards hiking up some old nantucket reds, rolled up, over a hanes V neck with Jack Purcells. Tuxedo Shirts. Lots of tuxedo shirts and leggings.

Damn, it's all coming back.
I am getting old but I still dig it.

I wish I still had some of those cool clothes but they were already well beyond their life expectancy when I found them.
I think I'll get a little something at Steven Allen.

How cute would this little dress look on the boat, over white capris, a tan, gold bangles and some nun shoes?

Steven Allen Izzy Dress
BONUS: Made in the USA.

what were some of your favorite fashions?


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

fiorucci..omg...when i was about 19 years old...and a size 2...many, many moons ago,i worked as a clothing buyer down in los angeles...and it must have been about 1976 or so...and at the end of the day, Michael ( my best friend ) and I would race over to Rodeo drive to cruise all the shops...and we were in LOVE with fiorucci...i must of had about a zillion pair of those jeans..loved 'em....

but, time marches on..turning 53 in June...and not a pair of size 2 fioruccis in sight :- (

but thanks for the memories...


Everyday Goddess said...

Late '80's standard going out at night attire: blue jeans, white bustier, navy or black blazer, Eternity and Marlboro's.

Unless your name was Flavis. Then it could have been anything.

Love the Buckwheat memory! Was that when I was dressed as a Swedish au pair? And met HANS???


Oh I love Steven Allen too!
And that dress would look so cute on you..
Miss you!