Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hot Dog!

How about a little creepy treat
for your next bbq?

Turtle Burgers!?!

for the love of GOD what inspired someone to do that?
I have been asked many times to make 'unattractive' food look good,
i.e. a whole monkfish on Molto Mario
but this takes the cake.

I'd prop this baby on a country road
and see what happens!


Alba Linea said...

this idea is sooooo cool! if i made this i will shock my daughter. *yeah!* thanks soooo much for posting! best wishes! ;0)

fernando said...

wow, those burgers are as grim as the are tasty (probably) i can think of a certain person who may be into those for his half birthday this june... kisses! -F

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

is that bacon for the shell?

what the heck? i wonder what the arms and legs are? pretzels...

i am thinking about becoming vegan right now :-)

too funny..

how is cheddar?

kary and buddy saying HI !

eddieross said...

OMFG ABBY!!!! that are so creepy!!!!

Callie Grayson said...

completely creepy!! It looks like the arms/legs/head are hotdogs scored at the ends.

who thought these would be appetizing?