Monday, January 26, 2009

New Puppy

Awwwww....just found these pictures in a random file. Most of them were taken up in Vermont at Silver Lining Farm when Cheddar was a couple months old. Jeff and I have been discussing getting another puppy to keep Cheddar company. Perusing makes me want to adopt a dozen! What do you think?
How can you resist a face like that?
Here he is hanging out in Uncle Tim's kitchen while I was at a wedding. First overnite with Auntie Angie!!
That bone was about as big as he was! Those little puppy teeth...puppy still my aching heart. Hard to believe Cheddar is now 85 lbs, but still just as sweet.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Another snowy night...

How cute is Cheddar? He misses his Aunt Winky.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter without snow is like a cupcake without icing!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I just had to add this to my blog. This is Cheddar Fielding Jenkins Boal Jr. the 1st as a puppy on the front porch at Silver Lining Farm in VT. How cute is that? If you are looking for a new pet...PLEASE check first. That is where we found Ched.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cheddar Loves Champ

Champion was a senior citizen by the time Cheddar came around and wanted nothing to do with a rambunctious pup, still Ched tried and tried to give him big kisses many times. Even when Champers sported bared fang. Especially with bared fang. Ched never took it personally, we all get older and a little cranky sometimes. He was still kissable even when cantankerous . Ched sends his love, wags and many kisses to Kathy and Todd. We love you.

Champ's Final Hike

My best friend Kathy's dog Champ passed away this week. He was a dog among dogs. Not only one of the coolest looking canines on the planets but the chillest. Some of the very best days in my life were hiking with him in Aspen in the fresh morning powder, stopping together to take it in under bluer than blue skies. That dog had googily eyes that could speak chapters in one glance. I will miss him terribly but know that he had such a great life, filled with love and many long hikes. Go softly in to the woods my friend ~ until our paths meet again.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's Eve

My friend Stephen Murello, who by the way is the best photographer I have ever worked with, just sent these shots of our 9 course dinner. Jeff and I loved creating all those muse bouche (or mega bouche in some cases) delectables. Hands down my favorite New Year's Eve ever.

Friday, January 2, 2009

the day after

wow. my willpower made it to the ripe hour of 10am today when I had a cold piece of pesto pizza for 'brunch'..tomorrow is another day.
Hope your New Year's celebration was as fantastic as ours. Jeff and I prepared a 9-course muse bouche meal for 8 of our friends. Will post some photos when I get them.

  • First course: Cream of asparagus soup (prepared by me) with parmesan crisp. It was alright.

    Second Course: Mixed baby greens with beets, carrots, cukes served with warm goat cheese croutons, the salad dressing served in individual english cucumber 'cups' ..... Freshy Fresh! (me)

    Third Course: Three types of Oysters (shucked by Jeff ) on sage rock salt with Spotted Pig's Minuet sauce (prepared by Stephen Murello)

    Fourth Course: A Giant Shrimp (Jeff) on a White Bean Roasted Garlic Puree (me) plated with Dom's help

    Fifth Course: Ridiculously-Large Scallops sliced in thirds with Cooked Lobster Claw and Split Tail sauteed in a spicy brown butter sauce (Jeff and Dom) served over chives in a criss cross raft pattern (me) ..this was not only the tastiest dish it was the prettiest.

    Sixth Course: Lemon Sorbet served in a dark chocolate cup with lime zest, dark chocolate leaf placed in it. Refreshing andin keeping with our "turn over a new leaf" theme.

    Seventh Course was consumed at the stroke of midnight... we ate 12 frozen grapes each. Each grape represents the 12 months and eating them is thought to ensure good luck all year. Buenos AƱos Nueve!!!

    Eighth Course: My Two Day Short Ribs, they cook/reduce for two days...aaaaaah-mazing if I say so myself. Served over mashed parsnips and potatoes with roasted brussel sprouts and onions.

    Ninth Course: Warm Berry and Apple Rustic Pie (Aux Delices) So full at this point but everyone still cleaning plates!

    Tenth Course: Which we forgot about, they were all prepped in the other room. oops. Three distinctively different cheeses with sliced dried figs, grapes and honey drizzle. Still good the next day.

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