Saturday, November 21, 2009

You Don't Bring Me Flowers....Anymore...

Love that cheese-ball song

Now that our garden has been put to bed
fresh flower arrangements are a thing of the past. 
That doesn't mean I don't have lovely bits of nature
gracing our tabletops.

Some shiny apples in a cool mid-century German bowl
Also double as a healthy dessert!
Porcelain eggshells
in a Simon Pearce bowl
grace our foyer year round.
Bittersweet branches in a 
bronze trumpet vase.
Those antlers are ones the Cheddar brought home.
He loves to prop too.
I love autumn leaves tossed about the dining table
bringing the outdoors in.
This is a little more controlled and something I plan on
doing on our Thanksgiving table along with
oak leaf 'place cards' with monikers in silver pen.
I gathered these oak leaves on a hike with Cheddar,
bunched them all together (stem side down) and jammed them in this handsome old stein.
Make sure you keep leaves a safe distance from
open flames! 
Firemen are hot but I don't need them coming to our house 
because our dining room is on fire (again)
This old stein in one of my favorite things, it was obviously someone else's as they had it stapled together to repair a crack long ago.
 I think that just adds to the character of the piece. 
Like smile lines.

What on your table makes you smile?


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

o.k. I'll admit it right here and now..I LOVE that song...

Nice arrangements on the tables too.....

Happy Saturday before T. Day


abby jenkins said...

I admit I love that song too, have been singing it all day

I have a whole playlist I call diva greats that I crank when Jeff isn't home. Like the jukebox from a drag queen kareoke bar!

Oh My Goddess said...

Those autumn colors are so warm and cozy! You do have an artists eye.
~ Bliss-ings to you!

Willoughby said...

Your fall themed decorating is gorgeous! I don't blame you for loving your stapled stein, I have a soft spot for chipped and damaged items, myself.

On the kitchen island, I have a huge bowl filled with pinkish/yellow gala apples. They make me smile. My dining room table is looking a bit sad, though. I had to throw away the gourds I had in my ironstone bowl. Now the bowl is just sitting there looking all empty and lonely. I'll have to find a new centerpiece.

Gaston Studio said...

Your table(s) makes me smile.