Friday, November 6, 2009

what's up pilgrim?

Remember these?
Ours growing up were somewhat deformed from being stored in the attic all summer, and looked a wee bit creepy.
My mother loved them though.
Wonder what she would think about these couples commanding
on eBay recently.
Not a bad return on your investment,
I think they were about 49 cents each at Woolworths.
What do you think will be bringing in the bigs bucks 40 years from now?

Icicle Lights?
Blow up Snowglobes?
Chia Obama?


Liz in Virginia said...

My grandmother received dishes -- for free! -- as an incentive gift when she bought spices and teas from a door to door salesman from the Jewel Tea Company back in the thirties. My sister and I will probably each be able to pay for a year of college tuition for one of our kids with the money that these dishes will bring now on eBay.

In the future! I don't know, but it definitely won't be Beanie Babies or Pokemon cards!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad it led me to yours -- I'll be back!

Liz @

Willoughby said...

You're kidding me, right? $137.50????? I don't remember if we had the Thanksgiving set, but we had Santa and angels just like them. As I recall, the color was only on the outside, so if you chipped them, you could see the base color. I may need to call my mom and see if she still has them!

Purple Flowers said...

I have to check my Mother's boxes of old Christmas decorations. We had Santa Claus (large and small) and I think angels. It's amazing, isn't it? :)

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

doesn't everybody have these...

blah..blah ...blah...boring...


The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Things now seem to be less collectible and more products of a throw-away society. All the trends don't seem to have the staying power (or quality) that stuff back then had. There is just so much of everything today, I can't imagine anything ever being worth anything...

abby jenkins said...
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