Sunday, November 15, 2009

No, Thank YOU!

No doubt about it, if I could sit around all day and make cards I would be the happiest girl on the planet.

I love to send unexpected cards mostly.

Jeff and I were up in Maine a couple weeks ago and went to this amazing restaurant.
When we first walked in they told us there was "no room at the inn" as there was a big 50th bday party-party coming in shortly.

Walking out, we were disappointed as this place seemed the perfect little venue to have our belated anniversary dinner and not looking forward to our second choice. They had set the bar pretty high with the roaring fireplace, mismatched linens, exposed beams...

Two minutes out the door we hear footsteps behind us. It was the woman from 98 Provence, telling us she had a little table for two set up in the foyer, across from the fireplace...would we like it.
Would we like it? WOULD WE LOVE IT?!
Long story short, we went back in and had the greatest time.
This treasure in Ogunquit. Maine is now our wedding anniversary destination....maybe by this time next year they will have opened an Inn so we never have to leave.....

This is the Thank You card I sent them.


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Well, you got me good with this one...what a DREAM DESTINATION this is.....I have it so bad for all things MAINE...this house..that wheelbarrow...and a place for 2 by the fire....are you kidding me? HEAVEN ! And your card you made is adorable....

Happy Sunday
More later,

Laura Hegfield said...

I love ogonquit! Haven't been there in years. Happy anniversary...what a wonderful lady to come find you and set up the perfect space for you the celebrate in!

Delena said...

I came by this blog through my daugther-in-laws, the musings of me.
I am glad I did, your blog is friendly, real and the photos are beautiful.

Purple Flowers said...

Happy Anniversary Abby!! You hit the jackpot w/this quaint restaurant. It's so romantic to think this is your charming "anniversary" place. :)

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Happy Anniversary!

That sounds like a beautiful restaurant! I wanna go!!!

Greg Millions said...

Hi Abby! Thank you for the post on my blog. Just starting out, it was a big boost for confidence. It must be your Anniversary....Happy Anniversary!!

Tes said...

Aww,so nice that a place has been set for you afterall. I love quiant little places like those. So romantic! Happy Anniversary to you guys!

You are such an artist! What a lovely card, Abby!

Thank you for dropping by my site! *hugs*

Gaston Studio said...

This sounds like a winner!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You are so thoughtful. Sending a homemade card at that. I have always my whole life wanted to visit Maine. I keep saying I am going to in the fall.
Enjoyed your site