Monday, November 9, 2009

I Never Pay (or Shop) Retail

Having to pick up some set dressing a couple weeks ago in an area far from home, with no time to spare, I ran into a Pottery Barn for the first time in years. I was shocked at how they have knocked off so many of the antique and vintage items that I have painstakingly collected over the years. Seeing them, i.e. french feed bags, hotel silver, olive jars, etc..., mass produced bummed me out. It no longer makes my highly prized pieces as unique. I mean it does to me as they are very special, especially the handmade things, but now they seem commonplace. I'm afraid to see what's next....

Funny, even as a prop stylist ~ someone who gets paid to shop~ I rarely ever shop retail. Having stopped the mad flow of catalogs that filled our mailbox day after day by signing up at I never see what mass market items fill the pages and shops in malls across America.

A couple days ago I posted that the thanksgiving pilgrim and indian candles my mother would unwrap each year, those novelty candles no one ever put match to ~ an indian princess with her hair on fire seems very macabre anyway ~ were fetching top dollar on eBay. My first thought was, isn't that sweet, someone wants to relive that childhood experience and is willing to pay top dollar. Now I think maybe it's just a picker from Pottery Barn ready to knock off their next line.

My vintage Gurley turkey candle. orig price .89, I bought it for $2 dollars at the Goodwill.

The Pottery Barn Candle $12

Well, as my husband says, a rising tide raises all boats.

Maybe Pottery Barn and those other shops will inspire people to cherish those old items or at least save the ones they buy now as keepsakes for another generation.

This vintage Tom sure has a lot of character doesn't he? How proud he stands.
also makes a great prop for tabletop thanksgiving shoots in June


Willoughby said...

I'm all about the thrill of the hunt. I love to walk into a resale, antique, thrift store or flea market and see what fabulous treasures I can find. I would miss that if I were shopping in a place like Pottery Barn. They can make all the reproductions they want, it still won't be as much fun as finding an original!

Purple Flowers said...

I love that Vintage Tom. I have stopped going into places like Pottery Barn. Although they have some items that I like, the newness is so "cookie cutter" - like. Nothing like a vintage find, I say!! :)