Saturday, November 14, 2009

Adding To The Muffin Top

Sweet Sweet Saturday!
We had some friends coming over early this morning
 to pick Jeff up to go to a memorial service in Boston. 
I thought some nice warm muffins would be welcome on the road trip.
I didn't have muffin papers to fit my commercial tin
so I made some of my own out of parchment paper.
Just cut a square and jam it in the cup.
Looks pretty fancy huh?
A tip for making sure your muffins cook thoroughly.
Use a measuring cup, or ice cream scoop
to insure even sizing.
I butter the inside of mine to make the dough 
slide out easier. 
I use this little spreader to help the dough out of the scoop and in to the paper cups, also so my fingers don't get all gooey.
Ready to pop in to the oven!
My friend Leslie gave me this adorable cake testing brush.
It should last me a lifetime! 
Just pull off a straw and stick it in your baked good. 

I keep the tag on it so my husband won't use it to sweep up dog hair.
He likes to sweep.
Well the cake tester came out clean! 
These puppies are done!
as I cranked 80s and 90s music.
I love Saturdays!
My playlist:
Time after Time - Cyndi Lauper with Sarah McLachlan
Tears of A Clown - English Beat
Only You - Yaz
Forever Young - Alphaville
The Promise - When in Rome
(actually I think this is the soundtrack to Napoleon Dynamite GREAT MOVIE to eat blueberry muffins to)


Purple Flowers said...

You are so nice to bake some muffins for your hubby and friends. I like the tins you used.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Oh, yummy looking. I've been inspired to make some of my own on the snowy Saturday!

I love the cake tester! I need one of those!

RNSANE said...

The look wonderful...I could almost smell them baking!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Thanks for visiitng my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

Your blueberry muffins look so good! I see you are a wonderful crafter...your ornaments in the prior post are lovely.

Abbie said...

I rolled laughing at your comment about leaving the tag on. Too funny!

They look absolutely yummy!


I love the title to this post! :) HA!
And those muffins look amazing.... you've inspired me to make some of my own!