Friday, September 18, 2009

Young Hearts at Sea

Good Day Mates!

I have always been crazy about the sea and sailboats.

To prove my point, here is my rendition of the Nina, one of Christopher Columbus' fleet, I drew when I was in third grade.

The painting was serendipitous as I sailed upon a fine craft with the same moniker in my early twenties. Experienced my first nasty storm upon a boat then too, pulling out of New Bedford Harbor, it was rough. Our 80 year old captain Hans said it was the fastest he had ever sailed to Nantucket. What a fun cruise all around. I fell in love with old creaky wooden girls and the thrill of battling a storm at sea.
Not to mention being in our twenties, the clock always sat at beer-thirty!

Nina was a fine old gal, with quite a reputation. But now.... now we have Nellie. A gracious old lady who has 'had a little work done', well a lot of work-like the catlady of New York work, but she is certainly the belle of our ball. Hope you get a chance to take a cruise on her with us soon.
Maybe in those same waters where twenty years ago I fell in love with wooden sailboats...
...hope we don't run into any three headed monsters!

UPDATE: I found this photo of the gnarly crew of Nina. What a great trip. It was Han's 80th bday that trip. This picture was taken as we were departing, I tried to get everyone to mohawk their hair, it wasn't hard after not showering for a few days. HAIR UP!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Oh, those drawings from when you were a child are just charming. I love things like that...they are treasures for sure.....

I have a friend who left California for Nantucket...we were best buddies...and I miss her..but that sea was calling........

Comedy Goddess said...

I love your drawings, at any age!

Is that Gumby at the bottom of the ocean?

Willoughby said...

Your drawings are adorable!