Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've Missed You

Well I am still immersed in getting stuff together for my audit but wanted to share some photos, etc of what has been happening when I haven't been reliving 2002 and 2003 via Starbucks and thrift shop receipts.

The last leg of my commute in to NYC. I love NY.

A day shooting pizza is a good day.
Cakey Cake Cake.
Those funky buildings across from the Chelsea Piers remind me of Barcelona, I have not been to Barcelona yet but this is how I envision, modern buildings mixed in with the old. Am I right? Adios mi amigos! Back to my miles of files!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I would love to come and make Halloween cupcakes and carve pumpkins too. I remember those masks getting so steamed up you could barely breathe.I love that old fashion "Halloween Feeling".

You're Food Network venture looks AMAZING....I'll keep checking in.

Thanks for the comment.
More later,

Willoughby said...

Hey Abby! I've seen you around Facebook, but I've missed your blog and your gorgeous pictures!

The cake looks to die for!

Purple Flowers said...

Great post, and I've missed you!! :)

Comedy Goddess said...

Missed you too! Nothing like a road trip, I remember them well.