Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hot Dog

Cheddar watched with keen interest as I was filling out my application to become a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in NYC yesterday.

Luckily they accept therapy dogs so I told him we would fill out an application for him too.
Hope we pass the tests!

Well somebody is all ready to go!

Plenty of kids who don't feel so good out there who Cheddar can make smile. 

He is also a very good listener.



Hi, Abby! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and for taking time to comment. Good luck to you and Cheddar with the application! You should submit a photo with his application - who could say no to that face? :) I love his name, too.

Purple Flowers said...

That Cheddar is so cute. Anyone would benefit by being around him. You are very generous to share him.

Prairie Girl Studio said...

yay! way to go cheddar ... good dog!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Hi Abby ! well, just his name alone puts a smile on my face.....and then you see HIS face...

More smiling ! How great !

More later,
Kary and Butterscotch

Willoughby said...

Ronald McDonald House is such a great charity. I'm sure you and Cheddar will be able to bring smiles to parents and children alike!