Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fly Away, Somewhere Sweet and Carefree

Killian Mansfield a brave, talented young man.

Blown away by how one young soul can touch so many.

His memorial service must have been a real celebration
with great music and a million cranes.

Fly away Killian, away from the pain.
Fly up high to a bright blue sky
and shower us with song.

Pick up a couple of his CDs, all proceeds go to help other kids fight the fight.

Call a friend.


Willoughby said...

You gave me the link to the Grumpy Fish blog a few months ago. I was amazed at how this young boy and his family coped so well with such a tragic disease. I'm terribly sad to hear of his passing. I hope that his family is able to find peace and I hope he will live on as inspiration to others. God rest his soul.

Prairie Girl Studio said...

what a brave and brilliant young man who graced this earth, sharing his life so beautifully ...
thank you for sharing his very being with us ...
rest well, killian ~