Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring??! Hello?? Are you out there??

I am so ready for spring, nothing like a 'real' winter to get you ramped up for some green. Green sprouts of crocus, galanthus and daffodils poking thru the still frozen soil. Actually as I am writing this it just started snowing!!!! Click here for bulb mecca.

To keep me optimistic I checked out the new offerings at White Flower Farm where I have a $25 gift certificate from Fine Gardening magazine that I have been saving for this very moment .  I think this David Austen rose will look gorgeous, that red matches the color of our house, with some gooseneck loosestrife planted by the stone wall. I wish this was a scratch and sniff screen.

Rosa Tradescant

I love WFF and have been acquiring interesting and unusual specimens from them since I started gardening about 15 years ago. Jeff and I went there on our first 'real' date, I knew from that moment on he was the one for me. What a fun way to spend a spring saturday, grab the catalog to peruse on your way up to Litchfield, CT (unless you are driving of course) and create your wish list. Often they will have varieties that you can't purchase throught the catalog or online. We picked out a car load of ferns...japanese painted, branford, ostrich, lady ferns....and started our obsession with ferns which work so well in our woodlands and rocky acidic soil. Ferns create a beautiful foil to hide the dying leaves of daffodils. Cute little restaurants up in Litchfield to grab a little lunch before or after your White Flower Farm adventure.