Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun On A Budget

We love to entertain and with our party budget not what it used to be I am always looking for new ways to have friends over for a night of fun without spending a lot of money.  First I look for theme inspiration. A couple months ago I unearthed a box I bought at a tag sale years ago, filled with old bingo cards (from 1941!) and the classic hamster wheel bingo cage with balls. I think I paid $5 bucks for it, you can also pick these up on eBay for little money.
I wanted the decorations to be fun and colorful so I purchased some crepe paper streamers and balloons at the grocery store and recruited some teenagers (my step-daughter Hannah and her roomie Janet) to help turn the the barn a bingo party hall! 

Well what is a bingo game without some prizes? I bought some brown paper lunch bags and filled them with some ungiven gifts I had around the house, bingo themed items I bought on ebay for little money, Starbucks cards along with the free song download cards they have at counter, some homemade soap from my friend's farm in Ohio, fancy french candle, a jar of local honey, some classic DVDs and CDs, a NYC compass I bought at the Museum of Natural History, a box of cute stationery to name a few. Put one gift in a bag along with some candy, folded the top and placed them under the bingo table to pass out to the lucky winners grab bag style.

Stay tuned for more barn bingo party pictures. Guess who won the grand prize?


leslie said...

you guys throw the best parties :)

jilly said...

How fun!